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Anime Jinsei in Feedspot Top 50 Anime Blogs

Yatta! I received an email from Feedspot's founder Anuj Agarwal today and I feel so grateful that Anime Jinsei has been selected as one of the Top 50 Anime Blogs on the web (according to Feedspot)!

Upon checking the list, other anime blogs that I follow were also selected namely: Tokyo Otaku ModeHoney's Anime and Anime Motivation. It's awesome to be placed alongside with them!

I'm honored to be part of this list among thousands of awesome Anime blogs on the Internet today. I personally nurtured this blog myself on top of managing its social posts and it is encouraging to get this recognition for my efforts.

You can find other great Anime blogs to follow on Feedspot's list here. Their data is refreshed every week.

(as I post this blog entry today, I’m #47 on the list).

Thank you Feedspot!

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