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Thank you for stopping by.

Anime Jinsei came to fruition on a typical afternoon out of procrastination from an endless pile of work that I have yet to finish until this day (as of this writing).

This blog is named after a popular saying, "Anime is Life!" 
It's the word Anime (Japanese Animation) and Jinsei meaning, "Life" (in Japanese) melded together. Anime (literally) saved my life during my high school years where I was just lost and didn't know how to deal with puberty, peer pressure, and unreasonable insecurity over everything.

Now, I grew up (a little, I guess) but the love for Anime is still there. I thought I'd grew out of it but the otaku in me is still going strong.

The anime shows I've watched when I was younger have made a bigger impact on how I appreciate most anime shows now so I mostly review "older" anime. I can't help but feel nostalgic when I see 90's anime especially when I hear the OP themes.

My goal for this blog is to share general anime-related content of interest, some anime reviews, anime recommendations, anime facts, anime episode guides and more.

I do everything on this blog all by myself so posts and development of this blog may be slow. I hope to get better at blogging being a newbie at this field and all.

Thanks for reading.

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