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Anime's Top Cops - Police Anime Series

"Drop the Gun or There will be... Trouble!"


very town or city has its share of bad elements. Therefore, every town or city has enforcers, policemen (and women) who bring in the bad guys and keep the peace. Some see it as their duty, some see it as a meal ticket. Who cares as long as the job is done, right? 


Burn-Up Excess 

When a series of crimes plague Neo-Tokyo, Maki gets authorization to form an elite crime-fighting team, known as WARRIOR. 

Members of this squad include Rio, formerly a convenience store clerk with a stack of credit card bills to pay; Maya, a trigger-happy gun aficionado who comes from a family of entertainers; Nanvel, a gadget freak obsessed with the color pink; Lilica, the little computer whiz; and Yuji, the digicam-toting maniac with the leg fetish. 

Together, they fight anything m rob cops to jewelry-robbing homosexuals.

Maya of Burn-Up Excess

AD Police

AD Police is a prequel to the Bubblegum Crisis series. In this OVA, the AD Police tackled more mundane crimes. The setting is a little darker than the BGC series. A familiar face from the BGC series is Leon McNichol.

AD Police

Angel Cop

Terrorism in Japan has become commonplace sometime in the future and the police have become almost as brutal as the criminals. An elite anti-terrorist agent, known as Angel, is the best of the best, avoiding nothing in his fight for justice. 

Things become interesting for Angel Cop and her new partner when they begin to investigate a series of murders in which the victims are other criminals, killed in gruesome ways. These vigilantes are a group of psychics who have come together to hunt down the lowest scoundrels in the city and bring them to justice. 

After a few meetings between the cops and the psychics, two of the psychics begin to think that they may not be that nice after all, but the third prefers to kill for morality. 

Cybernetically enhanced from a mysterious source, he embarks on a slaughter-fest with Angel as the first target.

Angel Cop

Dominion Tank Police 

In the not-too-distant future, the city of Newport will have to face the negative consequences of modern times. The air is constantly contaminated by a ubiquitous bacterial cloud, the general population is compelled to wear protective gas masks in the streets. 

The crime is so uncontrollable that the police formed The Tank Police: a special division for the best, the brightest, and the most barbarous police in the city. Okay, so the general population fears them. 

They generally cause more harm than they forestall, and they care more about their tanks than getting the lawbreakers arrest, and they do poor interrogation. 

Among the many characters, the main character is Leona Ozaki and his tank, Bonnaparte.

Leona Ozaki and his tank, Bonnaparte of Dominion Tank Police

Detective Zenigata of Lupin III

This hotshot detective of the ICPO has been on the hunt for Lupin for God knows how long. He never catches him though. And when he does, he often lets him go. It's as if catching Lupin is his mission in life and he will lose his purpose when he finally does. 

Sometimes we also find him working with Lupin to catch other criminals. Is he tough to figure out? Then again, why would you want to?  "LUPIN! KAM BEK!!!"

Detective Zenigata of Lupin III

Kiyone Makibi of Tenchi Muyo!

Kiyone is quite popular throughout the galaxy as a dedicated and decorated Galaxy Police Detective. She is the best among her generation. But not even her skills, recognition or wits can tide over the nightmare she wakes up to every morning...

Mihoshi, the walking, breathing accident-waiting-to-happen personified. She will never be Mihoshi. Whether she has anything to say about it, it doesn't matter, her life as she knows it is going downhill. 

Mihoshi doesn't cause this on purpose Mishoshi has no intention to cause everyone around her the trouble she is known to cause. But her dumb luck and mouth keep Kiyone from fulfilling her dreams: to be a top-ranking Galaxy Police Detective.

Kiyone Makibi and Mihoshi of Tenchi Muyo

Mobile Police Patlabor

The Babylon Project is started to close Tokyo' Bay and make more land. New modern machines called "Labors" were produced for the Project. Labors differ, however, most fit the "giant robot" mold. 

Being so flexible, these Labors were likewise utilized for wrongdoing, so the Patrol Labor (PatLabor) was created. This is the tale of a police unit which uses the patlabor model Ingram — SVD Section 2.

Mobile Police Patlabor

You're Under Arrest

Miyuki is a by-the-book cop with an enthusiasm for her work and a mechanical streak. Natsumi is a cop as well however her affinity is for scooting around on a moped at dangerous velocities. 

Together, they are Bokuto Precinct's latest pair of cops on the watch. In any event, they should be... their styles don't actually coordinate, and before they've even met, Miyuki winds up pursuing Natsumi around Tokyo and in the end capturing her for violating several traffic laws in the book — and that's only on Natsumi's way to work. 

Of course, they have no choice but to get along, and they end up with a rather interesting patrol style. 

Miyuki has a souped-up, nitro-boosted mini patrol car (think Honda Civic on steroids — the Japanese version of the Dukes of Hazard), and Natsuki's Police moped fits quite nicely in the back, making for a patrol team ready to hit the road in multiple ways.

Miyuki Kobayakawa and Natsumi Tsujimoto of You're Under Arrest (Taiho Shichauzo)

Ghost In The Shell

Major Kusanagi, Bateau and Togusa are just three of the law enforcers in Section 6. With the exception of Togusa, the rest of the force has been physically augmented, to make them part of the "network". 

Their target is a program, named Project 2501. This program believes itself to be a sentient life form and is racing to find itself a body before it is erased.

motoko kusanagi of ghost in the shell

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